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The Certificate of Authenticity

Curio & Co. - Certificat of Authenticity

Each print is stamped and signed with Curio & Co.’s own verification stamp. That stamp – which is kept under lock and key at the Curio & Co. headquarters – lets you know that your piece has gone through Curio & Co.’s rigorous verification process. Only one person in the world has access to that stamp, so when you see it, you know you’ve got the real deal right there.


Keeping A Catalog

We carefully catalog each piece in our archives, and once released, it will come with its own Certificate of Authenticity. This certificate provides all of the information a collector needs to do their own registration, and includes details about the rarity of the piece and information we’ve unearthed that the uninitiated won’t know. (Feel free to show off your extensive knowledge in front of your friends.) Finally, the certificate is embossed with the company’s seal, featuring our motto, “Ludus, Sinceritas, Novitas”.

Louis Smeedley, our Head of Archives, recommends you keep your certificate in a secure place such as a document safe, safety deposit box or combination-secured card catalog cabinet. (He’s fussy about protecting investments.)

Roger Believe - Restoration by Night (Restauro Notturno) - Illustrated comic book cover of learking face and Roger with smoking revolver (circa 1980's) for an adventure in the vain of Dylan Dog and Martin Mystery - by Curio & Co. (Curio and Co. OG)

Restoration by Night (Restauro Notturno)

Roger Believe

This giclée of the 1986 Roger Believe cover of Restoration by Night (Restauro Notturno) is...

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49.00 EUR
, Jul 03, 2015
by Ned Wazowski

Comic-Con 2015: Where to find us


Going to Comic-Con this year? Stop by and say hello!

Comic-Con International is the highlight of the pop culture year – it’s Christmas and the Super Bowl and the Oscars all rolled into one. And we can’t wait.

First of all, it’s the most important entertainment trade show in the US. So if you’re in the business of entertainment – like comics, films, publishing, toys, etc. – you’ll find all the movers and shakers there. But it’s also the biggest playground for fans of the same industries. The tickets are supposedly sold in different categories for children and adults, but once they walk through the doors, everyone’s a kid again. So naturally, there’s a lot of work to do when we’re there, but it’s always so much fun.

This year we’ll be at a new location, so mark your maps. We’ll be at Booth #1217 – right next to our good friends at Sunday Press.

And for us, that’s really the best part of exhibiting at Comic-Con. We’ve made so many great friends over the years from all around the world, and we know that every year for five days in July we’ll get to spend a little bit of time seeing what projects they’ve been working on and catching up. What a treat.

So please stop by and see us this year. We’ll be waiting for you at Booth #1217 with a smile, and an exciting new project to show you.

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